• REMOVABLE – Can be removed while eating and on special occasions.

  • THICK/THIN ALIGNERS- Only aligner system that follows the principle of Orthodontics(forces should gradually increase). Orthodontic force depends upon the thickness of sheets, which in our aligners is variable thereby allowing optimal outcomes.

  • CUSTOMIZED ATTACHMENTS- Tooth coloured attachments, which are key component in aligner therapy as these attachments channelizes the forces to achieve more precise tooth movements.

  • QUALITY MATERIAL- Material plays a key role in any dental treatment, clear aligners are no exception. Our CE certified materials, specifically designed for orthodontic therapy is a gamechanger as it a co-polymer with constituent ingredients allowing for sustained forces and decreasing tooth lag(which is high with other systems as the material may not specifically be designed for orthodontic treatment).

  • INVISIBLE- Our aligners are virtually invisible. So no one gets to know about your treatment.