Deep Bite

This 11 year old boy had extremely crowded teeth in the upper and lower jaws. The advice would be to have braces and possibly the extraction of teeth. After just 18-months treatment using Myobrace treatment, the patient has avoided the need for braces and even extractions. Correcting the poor oral habits that caused his crooked teeth also assists in improving overall jaw and facial development. No braces or extractions were required at this point.

Open Bite

As you can see this 7 year old girl had severe spacing and an extreme openbite. Her parents obviously had concerns and did not want to wait for treatment. The ‘After’ shot (above, right) shows the patient at age 10. This result was achieved before the patient was at an age when traditional orthodontic treatment with braces and/or extractions is generally suggested. Treatment was completed with the TRAINER/Myobrace system only

Edge To Edge bite

The parents of this 9 year old girl had concerns about their daughter’s crooked teeth. They noticed in particular that her teeth were rotating and the upper and lower teeth (the bite) did not align. They thought she would need to wait until at least 12-years of age to be properly treated with traditional methods. After hearing about the Myobrace ‘no braces approach’ to straightening teeth they booked in for a consultation. These are the results after just 7-months of treatment. Braces are now not needed and jaw alignment is correcting naturally.

Cross Bite

This 12 year old male patient had a severe crossbite at the start of treatment. The boy found it difficult to chew certain foods and was concerned about needing braces when he was older. Through using Myobrace appliances over the past 3 years the patient has avoided the need for braces and even extractions. The permanent teeth are moving naturally into the correct bite.

Deep Bite

This patient had underdeveloped upper and lower jaws with a deepbite. A deepbite is quite common and is often left untreated. At age 13 this boy and his parents had concerns about the severity of his deepbite and decided treatment was necessary. Within 5-months it has been almost completely corrected with a wider upper jaw and better aligned front teeth. Facial development was also improved.

Class III(Severe Underbite)

The extreme underbite that this patient presented was evident at a very early age. By the time their child was seven the parents realised that something needed to be done. The professional advice given to them was that surgery would be her only option when she was older. After doing some research the parents found out about Myobrace treatment and decided to commence early orthodontic treatment right away. The results after 3 years have not only proven to help straighten her teeth, but also assisted in re-aligning the jaws. In this case surgery has been avoided with Myobrace treatment.


The parents of this 8 year old girl noticed her teeth were severely crooked from about 3-4years of age. After visiting their local dentist they were told that by age 12 or 13 she would need braces and possibly extractions. After finding out about the Myobrace option they decided to give it a try. No braces or extractions were required. The results show how effective Myobrace treatment can be however, individual results vary and are dependant on excellent compliance and the ability for the child to correct their poor oral habits (myofunctional habits).